90% of the Trees Planted in the last 5 years in our area, are not planted properly. 

This is a problem that will not present until the landscaper is long forgotten. 


A Good Start is Everything!

What is the most common problem I see as a Consulting Arborist?

Around 90% of the Trees planted here in the last 5 years are buried alive. This is a problem that will not change, until the Planters learn a little more about trees. They will not present problems for a few years, and by then the planting depth is not even considered as a possible cause. It was too long ago… 

Unfortunately, the affects of poor planting can take 5 years to show up.

Why is Planting such a “Shock” to a Tree

Trees start out in a Nursery where every need is met constantly. Most nurseries I have toured treat their trees weekly. Feedings, Insect Control, Fungicide, Hormones, it’s all part of getting the Tree as close to perfection as the grower can to maximize value.

Now a “Landscaper” takes it from that nurturing environment and puts it in the ground where the Tree is lucky if it’s watered properly. That’s like taking a patient from the ICU to the hospital parking lot.

“Shock” is not a strong enough word.

Experience is Everything, and I have 35 Years of it.

I planted my first Trees (12) in 1988. (yeah I’m that old). They were 12 Bradford Pear Trees. Placed along the street in NJ. They were still there 10 years ago. I had the luxury of a good mentor back then, and proper planting is something that never lost it’s value.

Do I offer a Warranty?

Yes, if you put the Trees on our TreeCare program, I will warranty it for up to 5 years.

The Cost is about 10% (per year) of the initial planting price of the Tree. This includes all treatments and monitoring needed to ensure the health and vigor of the Trees.

Whatever questions, or needs you may have for your Trees....  

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