Tree Health is Determined in the Soil


Creating, and Cultivating Healthy Soil is a Process

Soil is a natural microbial storage, and Tree roots are the major sites of interaction and exchange.
Healthy soil is an asset for a Tree, and should be the main focus. It’s home to many strains that will assist the Tree with growth, signaling, symbiotic exchange, and pathogenic inoculation. Improving soil biodiversity is critical and often overlooked, or traded out for a very misguided “growth” mentality (growth is often mistaken as a sign of Tree health). To strengthen the Resistance of a Tree, Soil Health (microbial populations), soil function, and trace elements must be present and working. Growth should not be encouraged, with the exception of newly planted Trees that require assistance with faster establishment.

Our Arbor-Vax™ starts and stays focused on the soil first. With nutrient delivery, and Inducrd Resistance, it is a Process (not a product) that brings a tree to its highest level of Health and Vigor. 

In the picture you can see 2 Trees, they were both looking good before the houses were started.

We have been treating the one tree (left) with Arbor-Vax™ through the construction process, the other Tree now needs a chainsaw…

This is the difference. The Tree on the left was cared for from the start of construction, the one on the right was not.

Arbor-Vax™ – A Big Difference You Can See

May of 2022

Live Oak in Decline

April 2023

Bouncing Back Nicely!

August 2022

This Tree is in a grove with Oak Wilt, it was not showing signs of infection, but was stressed, and roots were attached to infected trees.

April 2023

Applied a few treatments of BioFeed and monitored through the winter, It is April and the Tree is in Recovery.

Tree Feeding, and Preservation FAQ’s

Q – Should I feed my Trees
A – That depends on your Trees. Their condition and the site they were left with… The term “Feed” also raises questions…

Q – When is it obvious to Feed Trees?
A – Rarely. Deficiencies can be obvious, but feeding is rarely going to be.  I always recommend Feeding the Soil, and adding diversity.

Q – Should I go by the way they look?
A – No, many times it takes 3-5 years for construction stress to show up on a tree. Then it’s usually too late

Q – Is it expensive to treat?
A – No, it is not. Cost of caring for a tree for 5 years is far less than removing a tree once, and that doesn’t even consider the property value that is lost when a tree is removed.

Q – Are you feeding the Trees, or the Soil?
A – Both. By feeding and rebuilding the soil, the Trees can now feed themselves…

Q – What do you feed them with?
A – That depends entirely on their health and environment. I will assess that when I come out. Then I will build a plan to restore their health over time.

Q – What’s next?

A – Call Here, or click on get a free estimate to th eright and I will reach out to you.

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