Consulting Arborist

Consulting and Diagnostics for Homeowners

On-Site Consultation

I can come out and do a walk through with the homeowner pointing out potential and real problems. It is on average a 20 min. visit. Bring your Pen and paper to take notes.

This service is $150 unless you live outside of our normal area.

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Consulting and Diagnostics for Landscape Pros

I can help you add PHC services.

I have a few options for  Maintenance Companies that want to broaden their offering and include PHC Services. With proper treatments you can reduce maintenance labor by 20% or more.

Controlling growth is just as important as encouraging growth.

Adding PHC to your services

I do consulting for Landscape Maintenance Companies that are adding Turf and Shrub Healthcare to their offerings. It is a 1 or 2 year agreement. I will build a program that fits your clients needs, based on your location, grass type, and plant needs. Then I will go through the seasons with you to teach and support your team on all levels. I will teach you how to treat Turf, and Shrubs, Diagnose problems, and how to buy product at the best prices available. I can also show you how to add Pest Control Services.

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Improving your PHC Services

The South is difficult when it comes to PHC. Some markets have 3 different types of Turf and the weed killer on one turf, will kill another turf. It’s a very complicated business here. If you are having problems getting it right, or making a profit, I can evaluate how you do things, and get you back on track…  This is done either on a block of hours, A 1 year contract, or a percentage of what I improve, your choice.

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Field Assistance Only

I would give you XX amount of hours per month to go to your specific problem properties and diagnose and put a plan in place. This is helpful if you do not have an Arborist on Staff.

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