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Everything we have in our lives requires some level of care. Our families, our homes, our cars all need to be cared for. Trees are no different, if we have them, and we want them healthy and safe, we have to care for them, and it starts with proper pruning.

Badly pruned Trees lose structural integrity. Wind, and Ice become a real hazard. Not just to the Tree, but also the people near it.  Skilled Pruning minimizes those problems.


 Pruning Really Matters Now

Keeping your Trees properly pruned and maintained is a skill, and learned over time. Too often I see people choose the “Tree Guy” over the Arborist because of price, and they always regret it.

Some Mistakes will cost you your Trees, or even sections of your home…, so make sure that you hire at least an ISA Certified Arborist. That is the lowest requirement.

 Things to look for…

  • ISA Certified – Its not very difficult to become an “ISA Certified Arborist”, so anyone you consider should at least be on that level.   It is the lowest requirement. “Professional Arborist” “Arborist”and “Commercial Arborist” are terms, not certifications.
  • Insured? Not even a consideration. Many Documaents are faked now, so look at what ever they present.
  • Experience – You want is at least 5 years experience, and good reviews, Its best if they ONLY do Tree Work. A Lawn company will see trees as revenue, having no idea at all what they are doing.  
  • Meet the company on site, no prices should ever be given over the phone… Thats just a guess. There are too many things that can be missed by not seeing the scope of the job.                                                                  
This 150 year old Tree failed because pruning was not maintained.→

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