Growth Regulation

Plant Growth Regulation (PGR) – Stop “Wood-Growth”

This tree had it’s root zone diminished with construction, and is now in noticable decline.  A perfect candidate for a PGR Treatment.


You likely have not even considered this as an option, but a trees’ wood growth can be stopped for 3 years with 1 treatment

Trees have limited resources and often fall short of their needs, (especially when root zones are moved or covered by concrete) When they are, the tree will begin to stress, and that is always how insect and disease problems begin in arbor care.

Trees have 3 main areas that resources are needed. Leaf Mass, Cell Elongation (wood), and Root Density.

This treatment will shut down Cell Elongation (wood growth), and deliver more resources to the canopy, and root zone.

Trees become healthier, and more drought tolerant, disease resistant, and they require less pruning each year.

If you only do one thing to your larger trees, this is it.


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