A Few things You Can Do to Help your Trees

Proper Watering of Your Trees

Many People are under the false assumption that their Sprinkler System is watering their Trees. It’s not True. Irrigation Systems are designed for your Turf and Shrubs, and maybe new Trees that were recently planted. Larger, more mature Trees get nothing from an irrigation system.

Trees need to be watered with a hose. Water needs to be soaked into the soil so that grass can not take it all. I have a downloadable  guide, with watering care guidlines here →

This is the difference. The Tree on the left was cared for from the start of construction, the one on the right was not.

09/22 – You can see that the grass is greener in this pic yet the Tree is not doing well.

04/23 Much Improved, It’s clear which way the Tree Health is going.

Photograph Your Trees Regularly

You need a Baseline of your trees health, and this is the easiest way to build one. A Phone camera is good enough. Do this for your trees on a consistent basis.  I would suggest every 3-4 months on an overcast day (for even lighting) start your library of pictures on your high value Trees. Make sure you stand in the same place every time to keep the angles the same.

This is how I build Baselines of my Trees and track their health. Trees change so subtly that we don’t always notice, but if we have pictures of them over the last year or two, we can make informed comparisons and know if they are maintaining health, or going into decline. Otherwise you can only guess based on what you “think” they looked like.

Plant Trees Correctly

Too often I get calls from clients that have the same story, my 3 – 5 year old Tree is dying… Coincedence? Not at all. If you Google “How to plant a Tree” and read for 15 minutes, you would be ahead of most “New Home” Production Landscapers. Thats unfortunate. 90% of the Trees that get planted here do not get planted at the right depth, and just like clockwork, I get the call in 3 – 5 years when the tree is in decline.

Why 3-5 years? It takes that long for Crown Rot to start to shut down the Vascular System. Look at your newer trees and see if they are in too deep, if they are, you can remove some of the soil around the trunk, so the crown can “Breathe”.  Here is a diagram that depict the proper planting depth, and how to support a new Tree..

This is the difference. The Tree on the left was cared for from the start of construction, the one on the right was not.

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