Diseases of Oak Trees in Central Texas

There’s more than Oak Wilt out there…

There is so much talk of Oak WIlt that sometimes we forget about the others…

Hypoxolon Canker, Seiridum, Armalaria Root Rot, 

These Fungal pathogens have always been a death sentence for Trees.

Arbor-Vax… Our Answer To Harmful Fungal Pathogens 

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There is a Cure

If you Search these Pathogens, you will find there is No Cure.

They have always been a Death Sentence for a Tree 

Through trial and Testing, we have a solution. – Arbor-Vax™

Hypoxolon Canker – No Cure 

I have had more calls on this in the last 5 weeks, than I have had in the last 5 years combined.

Though there is “No Cure” for this disease, I have not had any trees infected that I have been inoculating for at least 2 years. A good argument for Proactive Care.

After Treatment Disease Made No Further Progress

Seiridium Canker on Cypress

This is a disease that also has no cure. I have had very consistent success with Arbor-Vax™ Treatments. They are the only approach I know that works.

A Vascular Infection and it’s outward appearance…

Whenever you see something like this , there is something  going on under the bark…

A “Fruiting Body” – The reproductive portion of Fungi

When a Fungal Infection hits a Tree, the Reproductive Portion grows on the outside of the Trunk

What does a Fungal Infection Look Like?

As you can see above, it comes in many forms. Most have the same conclusion…

Fungal Infections have always been a Death Sentence for the Tree

No Longer True… We have a solution.

Here are a few other thinhgs you should know…

Infected Tree FAQ’s

Q – Is a Mushroom the same as a Fruiting Body?
A – A Mushroom is one type of Fruiting Body, some others are Conchs, Brackets, and Shelf Fungus.

Q – What is a Fruiting Body?
A – A FB is the reproductive Portion of the Fungi

Q – What does a FB do?
A – It releases “Spores” into the air to further its species growth. Spores sit on the outside of the Trees waiting for the Tree to “open up” so they can enter and establish

Q – How does a Tree get an Infection like this?
A – Spores are released and they wait for an opening in the bark to penetrate and establish.

Q – How does Bark open?
A – Many ways… It can be a string trimmer, a piece of equipment can break it open, or a freeze crack are some examples.

Q – If I see a mushroom will my tree die?
A – Maybe, depends on what kind of fungi it is from. Some are Tree killers, some are not.

Q – How do Fungi Kill Trees?
A – They have a couple ways, they can break down the vascular tissue and consume it, or they can clog the tissue vessels, and any water moving up the Tree.

Q – How long ago did my tree get infected if it is dying now?
A – At least a few years ago. Hypoxolon is a good example of “Slow Death” it takes 3-8 years to kill a Tree.

Q – If I see a the bark falling off is it too late?
A – Depends on what is underneath… That is one I would prefer to look at in person.

Q – Can these diseases be prevented?
A – Yes, if treatments are consistent. We use the Arbor-Vax™ protocol and have very high prevention rates, as long as we stay with it.

Q – What do I do next?

A – Click the yellow button to the right…

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