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ISA Certified Arborist and PHC Expert

    35 Years Experience

    Heritage Oak Preservation

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Tree Health (Especially Oak Wilt) is a Process, Not a Product.

As you know we cannot take a pill or get a shot, or any other singular act to acheive a higher state of Health. It doesn’t work that way. Trees are no different.

Tree Health starts with Soil, it goes on to include O2, Microbes, Proper Watering, Nutrients, Even Pruning makes a difference on a Trees Health. Our approach has always been to focus on Health, and the rest will (and does) take care of itself.

ISA Certified Arborist/PHC Expert

    • Certified Arborist with the ISA. Holds the Tree Appraisal, Tree Risk Assessment, and Texas Oak Wilt Qualifications
    • Created several treatment processes that are now the standard in other parts of the country. 
    • Developed the first protocol for Oak Wilt Prevention and Remediation.

    Very Broad Skill Set

      • John has provided Tree Services in 5 different areas of the Country, experiencing a wide variety of trees, their problems and solutions.
      • John has dealt with a wider selection of insect and disease issues than any other arborist in this area.
      • Each different problem we are able to solve gives us another Tool in our bag.  John has a lot of tools…

      More than an Oak Wilt “Specialist”

        • The word “Specialist” implies an expert in a field, but in the Texas Oak Wilt world, it usually means injecting trees is all they know…
        • John understands and provides Tree Care for many Tree problems. Having a more complete understanding of the ENTIRE Tree is critical.
        • Developed a “Health First” Oak Wilt Treatment and Inoculation program called Arbor-Vax™
        More About John...

        John is a uniquely experienced Arborist. Most Arborists live and work their entire career in one area, not John.

        He had a love for Trees, but also had acquired a disease called “Wanderlust”. After building a Plant Health Care (PHC) company for Trees, Shrubs, and Turf in Southern NJ

        He started to move around and build businesses for PHC. When it was all done, he had built companies, learned about problems and found solutions for Trees and Shrubs in NJ, Anchorage Alaska, The Wasatch Mountains, and the lower valleys of Northern Utah, as well as a few places in the South, Houston to LA, and now in the drier climate of Central Texas

        Through it all he learned about more Insect, and Disease problems than anyone he knew in the industry. He also gained a wide knowledge of Abiotic issues with the many different soils and climates he experienced.

        He tries to take a different angle on Tree problems. most of the time he figures them out. When he can’t he has plenty of friends in the industry to bounce ideas off of.

        Now he and his wife Stefani call Georgetown their home until they retire… which will never happen.


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